A Guide to Earning Money off YouTube


YouTube is a means for individuals who want to make it into the video blogging field. Plenty of YouTubers have become runaway successes because of their channels on the video sharing site.

Are you interested in becoming a YouTuber? Do you want to get more information on how to get paid through YouTube? Read the rest of the article and find out how you can get your share of earnings by means of your content uploads.

General Information on YouTube

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform that allows individuals to post, watch, and share content. Uploaded videos are rated by means of Likes or Dislikes, and people can also comment on the videos by logging into their YouTube or Google accounts.

The number of times a video has been viewed can be seen on the site. Individuals with YouTube accounts can also subscribe to their favorite channels.

At this time, Google, one of the largest and most powerful search engine companies out there today, owns and operates the site. Plenty of videos are uploaded every day, ranging from informative/educational videos, entertainment videos, animation, and more.

The site started its run on February 15, 2005, developed by former PayPal employees Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Ever since, it has grown like wildfire; soon, the site was teeming with uploaded videos from all over the world, with a variety of content.

What is Video Blogging?

Video blogging, now popularly known as vlogging, is a kind of journal recording that is posted online. It is different from common blogging, since video blogging depends on uploaded videos from the blog or channel’s producer.

While vlogging is not exactly a newfangled means of personal/creative expression, the field is quite responsive with fresh concepts and innovations.

Vlogging requires a desktop computer or a laptop with an internet connection, plus a webcam or some other recording device. Several of the units used to create video blogs include digital cameras, camcorders, or phones as well.

Other tools needed are video editing programs and an account to whatever social media, blog-hosting site, or video-sharing site that the content creator prefers. Extra equipment includes items like lighting units, microphones, and various props.

A majority of video blogs have non-fictional schemes. A number of people employ them like a diary of sorts, documenting the events that transpire and activities that they do.

Several individuals also create video blogs to mull over things they are enthusiastic about or make how-to or tutorial videos.

While video blogging can be accomplished as a personal activity, individuals can also get profits from it. YouTube is the go-to site for video bloggers who want to earn revenue from their uploads.

However, there are several factors that people should take into account before getting into vlogging. First and foremost, vlogging can be accessed by the public, thus any kind of information that is shared in the content will be put out there for the whole world to see.

Although this is not a concern for most video uploaders, other individuals might have issues with their personal data being displayed without permission on another individual’s vlog or blog post.

To make the channel owner or content creator safe, it is suggested that they use common sense in uploading their content and take into account other people’s privacy.

The Pros and Cons of Making YouTube Videos

YouTube is currently the leading video sharing site online today. It has long outperformed other similar sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo with their features such as the YouTube partnership program, a way to help YouTubers earn a cut through ads in their videos.

Records show that there are 60 hours of video that are posted on the site each minute, which means that the site indeed has got it going on in terms of huge traffic.

If you are into making videos, you may feel at home on such a site. However, making videos for the video sharing giant does have its ups and downs, and they will be discussed further.

The Pros


Now if you are the type who uploads fresh, original content, you may easily gain a new following. You will gather even more if you frequently upload videos with said creative content.

Notice that the most famous personalities on YouTube have really outstanding videos and vibrant personalities. They know how to interact with their audience and they keep things interesting by means of their content.

If you are somebody that viewers find refreshing and funny to watch, you will be recommended by these viewers to their family and friends, hence word of mouth will then again earn you plenty more subscribers.

The feeling that you are entertaining people with your style and your content is exhilarating and inspiring, and will push you to work on more imaginative videos.


YouTube finally makes this one happen: by using Google AdSense, you can now have a cut of the site’s revenue. Just place ads on your video uploads and once viewers are interested, they may check out the links.

Those clicks will give you the chance to earn profits from your uploaded content. If you do not have a Google AdSense account and want to take advantage of this opportunity, do not waste any time and get that account going.

New friendships

Through videos, you can make new friends. You can talk to other YouTube members or chat with fellow YouTube video uploaders. The site is actually a nice meeting place for people with like minds.

Individuals who share similar interests and concepts with you will subscribe to your channel, and it is a good way to get connected with them.

YouTube SEO

On your videos, the search engine optimization (SEO) will be done by Youtube. You do not have to do SEO methods by hand or pay for an SEO specialist to boost your online rankings.

All you have to do is upload your video on your channel, provide it with relevant titles and descriptions, and you are good to go. Remember to input several related keywords on your title and descriptions, and do not make use of spammy, clickbait-y ones to remain high on the searches.

The Cons

The need for video editing abilities

A quality video needs great editing. If you want a solid, sleek video, you need to brush up on your video editing skills. There are tutorials available and you can also read books about them, but if you are pressed for time, this activity might prove to be a hassle. You might have to pay extra for a person who can edit your videos according to your preferences if you do not have the time to do this.

The added expenses

YouTube it is all about video quality. Plenty of people in this day and age prefer high-quality videos. You will notice that videos with crisp images and excellent sound quality have many views and high approval ratings; this makes it crucial to invest in some digital cameras or camcorders that can do the job.

If you want to make sure that your video will be in tiptop form, you might also want to invest in hiring a skilled camera operator to document your videos.

Flagged accounts

Now this usually happens whenever a YouTuber posts a blatantly copied video or creates a video that does not follow the site’s regulations. The channel of the user will get flagged or disabled, and their AdSense account may be in jeopardy as well.

Copyright infringement is one of the main reasons why some channels are shut down or their videos get flagged. It is actually included in the site’s terms and conditions: uploading videos with copyrighted content is prohibited.

While some do get away with this, YouTube partnership account holders are held to a much stricter standard, since they are obligated to include videos with original content, and that includes the music and graphics included in the video.

If you still want to create videos, let it be known that it takes time, effort and dedication to develop a channel and create a steady following. It will also involve some money spent on good equipment.

If you want to make back the money that you have invested on your videos, you can sign up for the YouTube Partnership program, which lets users put ads in their videos by means of Google AdSense.

Then again, it pays to follow the partnership program’s terms and conditions, too. If you want to hear more tips about partnership programs with the site, just visit videoranksniper.com

The Most Lucrative YouTube Niches

Do you want to know how to get paid from YouTube? Earning money from sites like YouTube requires selecting the appropriate niche. Just selecting a niche randomly or through whimsy will not get you an audience or any profit at all.

You should select a niche depending on your interests and produce quality videos about it. The following niches have been proven to be quite profitable for some YouTubers.


Fitness videos, home therapy, exercise routines, and health products are some of the most watched videos on YT. Majority of viewers go to YouTube to look for possible solutions for their health-related issues from muscle pain to skin blemishes.

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, you can concentrate on this niche and produce videos about alternate solutions or home therapies. If your video provides a solution that works to curb these problems, you will get plenty of views and make money if you placed relevant ads on your videos.

The health niche is vast and can range from meal plans, weight loss tips, heart or eye health, to many more. However, before you jump into this niche, you must have excellent knowledge when it comes to this field.


Technology videos are popular in YT. As soon as new gadgets like smartphones or digital cameras are released, technology/gadget YouTubers will post about those new products. They are usually called unboxing videos, and they may or may not include a full review.

Technology videos provide information about the product, and users who offer reviews on such products usually tell whether consumers should but the product or not. This is why gadget or technology vids are one of the most-watched videos in the site—people find them helpful.

If you have a technology website, you can also get a YouTube account to boost your presence. If you do not have a website and instead rely on a YouTube account, you may want to add the latest technology news on your uploads. Gather fresh info from valid science and technology sources online or from other periodicals.


People love playing video games, and game vids include plenty of lucrative paying advertisements. If you love games and you have a YouTube account, documenting your gameplay will not be that much of a hassle and sharing your insights about a certain new game also won’t prove to be such a bother for you.

Also, there are gamers who are interested in looking for solutions to boost their character’s power levels, and you might have a remedy for that which you can share through your videos.

In order to begin a gaming channel, you will need a screen recorder if you use a desktop computer for your games. You can document and post methods that you have acquired while playing a certain game that no one has heard of just yet. You can also concentrate on sharing videos about your methods on newly-released games.

Vehicles and motors

Automobile-related videos are also one of the often-visited videos on YT. Channels that focus on cars and motorcycles create videos the way technology channels do; they present the features and specifications of a particular vehicle or motorbike. You can also create informative videos about vehicle maintenance, vehicle parts, and other related topics.

Tutorials/How-to guides

We all need a guide from time to time, especially on things that which we are not that familiar. Thus YouTube tutorials and how-to guides were born. They are practical, beneficial, and profitable.

This is an excellent niche, especially for people who are in art and music fields, beauty vlogging, life hacks, technology, and many more. If you love teaching, would love to boost your online presence, and at the same time get money from your videos, this niche is the way to go.

However, this niche entails some effort, since in order to teach another individual you have to be quite good in the area which you are instructing. This is not too much of a problem for those who are already inclined in areas like makeup application or teaching music, but if you want to take advantage of this niche, you might have to learn the basics first.

Top lists

This is a trend that has pulled in lots of viewers because it can cause great discussions among YouTube members. Video uploaders can create their choice Top anything lists, from Top 10 Anime Fights, Top 20 Hottest Actresses in Hollywood, or Top 5 Artisanal Beers. You can also do a bit of research on interests that people go for the most, and make top lists off of them.

Then again if you want to do a top-anything list, you will be obligated to do some research online and gather opinions. Top lists are quite popular, as people tend to love seeing these types of videos to check out whether their favorite actor, movie, or book is included on those lists.

To make a fresh and original Top list, it pays to see what’s on YouTube. Making an innovative listing will draw viewers to your video since they have never seen a video like yours before in the site. This kind of niche will also rely on plenty of video editing, so this might put off individuals who do not have that much skill in video edits.


Imparting your videos on YouTube is a means for you to make some profit off of them. Step one is to enter into a partnership with the site; step two is to activate your Google AdSense account.

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